About Us

Providing customised self-managed super fund administration and strategy to all Australians

THE ASAL GROUP HERITAGEActively working towards your success since 1985

Australian Securities Administration Limited (ASAL) has been providing personalised and general advice on securities to our clients with a multi-decade core of long-term customers. Having evolved from our roots back in 1985 as providers of institutional financial advice and services, since 1999 the modern ASAL has specialised in retail investor specific Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) products including specialist establishment services and investment advice as well as compliance and administration services for this highly regulated industry.

We’ve approached SMSF establishment services with a goal of strategically making SMSFs available to everyone – not just historically high-net worth clients. With this renewed focus on everyday retail investors, we’ve been featured in the Australian Financial Review’s Smart Investor Magazine as one of Australia’s Top 10 Self-Managed Super Fund Administrators across both the Premium and Discount categories, and have helped thousands of Australians get closer to their retirement goals.

At the core of our business, ASAL exists to provide seamless management and targeted financial advice for SMSF entities that makes it a breeze to take control of your finances – even with a busy lifestyle.

Our pivot to focus on providing Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) specialist compliance, establishment, investment and administrative services has meant that we have been able to focus on an underserviced niche of the wealth management industry whilst growing a team of specialists in a handful of products alongside a network of partner companies. This has allowed us to focus on researching the best available fund management partners whilst continuing to deliver the same high-value service our customers have come to expect over the years. Lower business overheads also mean that we can pass this on to our clients with low fees and truly targeted expert advice around every aspect of Self-Managed Super Funds.

From our inception, we have been proudly independently owned and based in Australia.

Our range of strategic financial offerings

No matter your financial acumen, we have a product designed to help you take control of your growth

OUR PEOPLEA tight-knit team working towards turning your dreams into reality

With decades of experience across everything SMSF, the ASAL team is headed by an accomplished cadre of leaders driving strategic vision, values and direction.

With the core of our team focusing on dealing with superannuation products with experienced strategic financial advisors overseeing company-wide strategy, ASAL are able to provide specialist strategies for each and every client.

Behind this knowledge-driven approach is a selection of hand-picked funds which reflect a perfect balance between risk and return. This basket of investments allows the ASAL team to build a unique portfolio to suit each financial goal.

By focusing on this single area of expertise across the entire company we can significantly reduce our overheads – meaning fewer fees for our clients – as well as dedicating more resources to achieving returns that are above and beyond those achievable through traditional retail superannuation strategies.

We are constantly adding to our team, and invite all clients to build a personal long-term relationship with their specialist.